Working Mama Debut

So excited to report that we made it through the first week of daycare + work with flying colors. Angel baby was happy as a clam and literally smiling and laughing with his teacher five minutes into his first day of daycare.

Leaving a happy baby with strangers is a much easier feat than leaving a crying baby who is scared and uncomfortable. Luckily W is so social and loves all people. 😉

I was able to pick up where I left off at work and was welcomed with framed pictures of my little one, new business cards (promoted to VP in Dec. WOOT!) and an Orchid (hoping not to kill it with my less than green thumb). These little gestures meant so much to me. The great thing about my job is that 1. I LOVE it and 2. it’s so fast paced and exciting that I rarely have time to contemplate or dread anything. This makes 5:30pm arrive rather quickly.

The hubby sent pics of Mister Man every afternoon and I spent a few hours after work hanging out with W, which made every evening so special. I’ve also changed my schedule to wake up at 6am and work out, so I can spend my evenings with the family.

Overall the transition went surprisingly well. Just a new routine we’re now getting used to. And so the adventure continues.


The “Other” Grad School: Life

There are many schools of thought on graduate school. Some people are all for it, others not so much. I’m in the camp that thinks graduate school is great, but without life and work experience it’s not as worthy. I’ve noticed a trend with a lot of students lately who finish their undergraduate degree and continue straight to grad school – no break, no real world or work experience. They have a lot of degrees, but when it comes to their experience they don’t have a lot to draw on professionally. I believe these students are missing out on the “other” grad school: Life.

I learned many lessons in college, but I’ve grown up in the real world. Although my passion and career is PR, I stumbled into this…it wasn’t my original plan. I went to school for broadcasting and mass media studies, worked as a producer and reporter for a few years and then decided I wanted to pursue PR. Everything I’ve learned about the industry has been by doing and by taking in what more experienced professionals have shared with me. What I’ve learned by working, networking and through the contacts I’ve made through social media is an education all its own.

There is so much to learn in the real world and so much information available online. Participating in discussions with peers, reading blogs, getting involved in FPRA and Junior League have all played a role in molding me into the person and professional I have become.

I have so much growing and learning left to do. Life is a continual education and your experiences shape and change you constantly. I believe in the importance and power of a college and graduate school education…but books can only take you so far. You need to open up your mind and take everything in…learn from life, from mentors, from every experience good or bad, planned or unexpected.


So this is a post I’ve gone back and forth about…so I decided to go for it. I’m a woman…I’m emotional sometimes…I’ve cried at work. There I said it.

Then I ran into the bathroom, tried to fix my makeup and get my act together. But once I start, I feel like I can’t stop the waterworks. Sigh. Sometimes I wish I was a man…they never seem to cry or if they get upset or hurt, you don’t see it all over their face.

It’s those times when I’m happy I have an office to hide in. I’ve talked to my female friends and colleagues and at least I’m not alone. It seems that many of us have had mini crying sessions at work. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten better about stopping the waterworks…but every now and then something happens and I can’t help it. They haven’t all been bad tears…during the annual Thanksgiving luncheon I got teary eyed talking about what I’m thankful for, including my family who was dealing with some health issues.

But I guess the lesson here is that we’re all human. We have bad days and our feelings can be hurt. Crying reminds me that I have a heart, I have emotions and embracing those emotions and feelings makes me who I am.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on tears. Has it happened to you? How do you feel and how do you deal with the waterworks?