Visit Maine: Family Vacation Itinerary

A taste of Maine from where to stay, what to eat and where to visit. All toddler friendly!

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Toddler Travel Tips: Brace Yourself + Have A Drink

Optimistically or naively, we decided to take our first official family vacation (or trip as some of my wiser mama friends have told me – vacation is just the two of you) to Maine. This meant a two flight journey there and back (four flights total) with our strong-willed two and a half year old […]

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Parenthood Hacks: Playing Hooky

There are vacation days, personal days, mental health days and now as a parent, I revel in parenthood play days. This is all part of keeping us sane, happy and connected as adults and as a couple. Because Westley is still in daycare, I am able to drop him off and have an entire day […]

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